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    Email is one of the most important services a web hosting company can provide and here at GeekISP we make email a top priority.

    Whether its having choice of several easy, secure access to your mail, providing a myriad of anti-spam options, or simply having reliable service - GeekISP has the bases covered. And should you feel we're missing a key feature, we'll do our best to add it for you!

    Currently our email feature set includes:

    • Secured IMAP over SSL access with the Courier IMAP server. Courier is a very reliable IMAP server with a small footprint, allowing it to support many simultaneous users without draining a system's resources.
    • Secured sending of mail via Qmail (with SSL and SMTP Authentication extension). This helps ensure that your mail comes from you and only you. Qmail is one of the most efficient and reliable mail transfer agents.
    • Blackhole lists via rblsmtpd. Known spammers get blocked before qmail even accepts the message! It never even gets near your inbox! More info at http://cr.yp.to/ucspi-tcp/rblsmtpd.html
    • Whitelists, Special Addresses, Blacklists - oh my! TMDA is probably the most powerful anti-spam toolkit available and its included in all accounts at GeekISP. We provide an easy GUI interface which makes stopping spam very easy. For more information of how to use TMDA (and what all of its lovely features are) go to http://www.tmda.net. Our future feature set includes:
    • IMAP transfers. So, you've got a lot of mail on your old hosting company's IMAP server and you want it to appear on our servers - he's how!

    You may have noticed that POP is conspicuously missing from all of these items. 'Why' you ask - for starters, most modern mail clients (even Pine!) have an IMAP client. POP is a very simple protocol that has some annoying drawbacks. With IMAP, all your messages live on the server, all the time. That means that not only can you check your mail from home, from the office, from an internet cafe (via the web) but that *all* of your messages will be there every time! You can have server-side folders that allow you to permanently organize and archive your mail. Furthermore, since your mail lives on the server, it gets backed-up with the rest of our data.

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