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How do I make FTP-only users?

FTP-only users can be created via a program on the shell server. Log in and try the 'control-ftp' program:

$ control-ftp
You do not have any FTP-only users associated with your account.
-u, --user=NAME The user to create / delete / view / set a password for.
-c, --create Create the specified user.
-d, --delete Delete the specified user.
-l, --list List current FTP-only users.
-p, --password Change password for the specified user.
-g, --generate-password Generate a random password for the user.
-r, --root-dir=DIR Set the root directory for this FTP-only user.
-v, --view View details about a FTP-only user.

-h, --help Show this message

To create a user, do:

$ control-ftp --create --user=my_test_user -g
Password set to: MqBarAbyMY

The '-g' option tells control-ftp to generate a password for you. If you omit '-g', you will be prompted for a password.

You can also specify what directory the FTP-user is restricted to (via chroot()). This defaults to your home directory.

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