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What is the 'scratch' directory?

At GeekISP your home directory is served via NFS. For most uses, NFS works quite well, but if you need to do any work that is IO intensive (creating many temp files, or processing images for example), you would be better served if you had a chunk of local disk to work on. Enter the 'scratch' directory.

'scratch' is meant to be a private space for temporary files, even large ones. Currently quotas are not enforced in 'scratch', but this directory is also not web accessible nor is it backed up. Large, old files may be deleted if space gets tight, so treat it as temporary storage.

The 'scratch' directory is recommended for several things:

  • Running Ruby On Rails unit or functional tests.
  • Dumping your database before any off-site backup.
  • Dumping your site's web logs via web_log_tail before processing or moving them off-site.

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Last update: 2007-02-19 14:53
Author: Dave Steinberg
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