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How can I filter email based on its spam score?

At GeekISP, almost all mail gets processed by SpamAssassin and SA adds headers so you know exactly how 'spammy' an individual message is. The header of interest is the X-Spam-Status header.

There are two standard options for doing filtering based on the X-Spam-Status header - one for TMDA users and one for regular users.

For regular users, we provide a SquirrelMail plugin called 'ServerSide Filters' that allows you to create simple rules for processing your incoming mail. Here's an example - suppose your spam threshold is 5 (the default), but you want to send anything with a score between 2 and 5 to a 'Possible-Spam' folder. Roughly the process would be:

  1. Log into SquirrelMail
  2. Create the 'Possible-Spam' folder via the 'Folders' link
  3. Go to Options -> ServerSide Filters
  4. Add a new rule that said: 'Any Header' 'Contains' 'X-Spam-Level: ****' - move to folder 'Spam'.
  5. Add a new rule that said: 'Any Header' 'Contains' 'X-Spam-Level: **' - move to folder 'Possible-Spam'.

The rules are executed according to a first-match policy, so the first rule would catch any messages with a score of 5 or more, and the second rule would catch anything with a score of 2 or more.

TMDA users can apply a similar strategy. All TMDA incoming filters default to sending messages marked with a subject containing '***SPAM***' to the spam folder, so you are encouraged to follow that example and simply add another rule immediately after that one.

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