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What are the shell commands for SSL managment?

Currently SSL setup and configuration is handled exclusively by GeekISP Support. In order for support to process your requests, you'll need to create a RSA private key and a certificate. Please upload your private key and certificate to a spot in your home directory and let us know the name of the file(s).

If you'd like to generate your certificate signing request (CSR) on GeekISP's servers, there are several man pages you may be interested in reading:

man 8 ssl
man openssl

The former provides direct instructions on creating the appropriate key and CSR.

Please note: you must not generate your RSA key with a passphrase. I.e. Do not use the -des3 option to genrsa.

Some SSL providers require a CA certificate bundle in order to avoid browser warnings. If your CA does, please upload the bundle along with your SSL cert and RSA key, and point it out in your support request.

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Last update: 2006-02-28 09:29
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