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How do I view any errors on my site?

At GeekISP, we do our best to provide an error log for every domain.  Unfortunately the mass virtual hosting system we use doesn't allow us to do that with 100% confidence that every log message will be delivered accurately.  As a result, there are 2 places to look for error logs for every domain:

1) Your ~/error_logs/ file.  For PHP users, this file should contain all your errors.

2) The common, system-wide error log located at /var/www/logs/vhost-errors.log.

The best way to watch these files is via the 'multitail' tool, like so:

$ multitail ~/error_logs/ /var/www/logs/vhost-errors.log

Alternatively, if you're using PHP, you can turn on the display_errors variable using a .user.ini file. Simply put the following line a .user.ini file in your webspace:

display_errors = 1

Then you'll be able to see errors in your browser. It is not recommended that you leave this enabled for your production site.

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Last update: 2011-10-05 11:17
Author: Dave Steinberg
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