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How do I configure Django?

To start a new Django project at GeekISP, you'll want to consult
one of the regular Django tutorials.  Here are some of the GeekISP
specific notes:

$ cd ~/
$ startproject mysite

<do whatever django config is necessary, per the tutorials>

$ cp /usr/local/libexec/django.cgi cgi-bin/
$ cp /usr/local/libexec/dot-htaccess-django htdocs/.htaccess

Then, edit the django.cgi file.  Down near the bottom you'll want to
replace the '' part with the name of your site.

If you're curious why we recommend running Django in CGI mode - its
primarily to give you a really simple setup.  mod_python is available but
it requires GeekISP's Support to be involved in the setup of your app, so we only
recommend that to users who need the extra performance and have an app
that's stable enough that they don't mind contacting me when they need the
app restarted.

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Last update: 2009-03-30 12:53
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