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How does Subversion (SVN) work at GeekISP?

Subversion repositories are offered in two basic forms at GeekISP:

1) Personal Repositories. Users with shell accounts have full access to create their own, private repository in their own area of the shell server. This is ideal for users who just need a repository for themselves, or would like end-to-end encryption to the SVN server. Access to a personal repository is solely through a SSH tunnel.

2) Managed Repositories. A managed repository lives under the control of GeekISP staff. We perform regular backups and generally oversee the proper operation of all repositories. Managed repositories allow multiple users to access a single repository via the svnserve or https protocol. Svnserve natively protects user passwors with CRAM-MD5, so encryption is generally not required. The primary account holder also has full svnadmin access (via a shell wrapper, 'svnadmin_geekisp'). Trac is also available to accompany managed repositories . SVN & Trac-only users can also be created using the 'svn-manage-users' utility on the shell server.

Generally we recommend that users take a managed repository, but there is no harm in starting out with a personal repository, and switching later to a managed repository.

Lastly, Managed Repositories do not count against your disk quota.

We also support migrating from CVS to Subversion. Please contact for details.

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Last update: 2007-10-31 14:16
Author: Dave Steinberg
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