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How do I manage SVN users?

SVN users are managed with the 'svn-manage-users' utility located on the shell server. If you simply run it without any arguments, it will tell you how it works. Here is some example usage:

$ svn-manage-users
No repository specified.
-c, --create=NAME Create the specified user.
-d, --delete=NAME Delete the specified user.
-p, --password=NAME Change password for the specified user.
-r, --repo, --repository=NAME The name of the SVN repository to apply changes.
-h, --help Show this message
$ svn-manage-users --repo=testproj
Project: testproj Users: dave, davefoo
$ svn-manage-users --repo=testproj --delete=davefoo
Synchronizing user data...
$ svn-manage-users --repo=testproj
Project: testproj Users: dave
$ svn-manage-users --repo=testproj --create=davefoobar
New password:
Please verify:
Synchronizing user data...
Password updated for davefoobar, in project 'testproj'.

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Last update: 2006-03-09 09:03
Author: Dave Steinberg
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Comment of Dennis Clark:
It appears to be no longer true that running 'svn-manage-users' without arguments provides usage information. You must at least specify the -h or --help options to see it.
Added at: 2006-10-25 13:06