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How is svnadmin_geekisp different from vanilla svnadmin?

The wrapper script svnadmin_geekisp has 2 major differences compared to the stock svnadmin program, since it needs to provide per-repository access control.

  1. Since we use 'sudo' to manage that access, we swap the order of the SUBCOMMAND and REPOS_PATH argument with svnadmin_geekisp.
  2. The actual location of the SVN repositories is fixed, so it suffices for you to use a relative path name.

For instance, stock svnadmin:

$ svnadmin dump /home/example/myrepo <any other args>

But with svnadmin_geekisp:

$ sudo -u svn /usr/local/bin/svnadmin_geekisp myrepo dump <any other args>

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Last update: 2006-03-13 10:41
Author: Dave Steinberg
Revision: 1.0

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