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How do I manage path-based or per-user permissions on my SVN repository?

By default, all the users you declare with svn-manage-users have full ccess to the repository. If you want to enable path-based ACLs for a given repository, you must email GeekISP Support to have it enabled on an individual repository basis.  Once enabled, you will need to use the 'sudoedit' tool on the shell server to adjust your authz file, like so:

$ sudoedit -u svn /mnt/src/svn/my_repo/conf/authz

You have to make sure that user names in the authz file match those that exist for your repository.  The easiest way to verify your users is to run:

$ svn-manage-users --list

There are a few common gotchas related to path-based permissions:

  1. Working with authz files is an all-or-nothing procedure.  Once path-based access is enabled, if any user is not granted access, he is denied all access to the repository.  Be sure to grant all your users appropriate access once authz support is enabled.
  2. Path-based permissions work best over https://.  There are bugs in the svnserve protocol that prevent it from being a viable connection method in certain cases (see: for details).  Use https to connect to your repository.
  3. Some users have reported caching problems with their local workarea, specifically related to their ~/.subversion folder.  If your permissions don't appear to be applied, try removing that folder.
More information about path-based access control can be found here:

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