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How do I access the console for my VPS?

Console access to your GeekISP VPS is provided by the 'conserver' package.  To use it, first log into GeekISP's shell server (login.geekisp.com) using your username and password.  Once logged in, you can connect to your console by typing:

$ console -U my_vps_name

You'll be asked for your console password - this is different from your shell password.  Once entered, conserver attaches your current terminal to the console of your VPS.  To end your session, you'll need to enter an 'escape sequence' and then the disconnect command.  That's 3 keystroke:




When the console connects, it'll remind you of the sequence with the following line:

[Enter `^Ec?' for help]

That means you hit "ctrl+e", then "c", then "?" for help.  So to exit, its "ctrl+e", "c", "." to end the console session.

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