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    Entourage Setup Instructions

    Entourage is pretty straightforward to setup for use with your GeekISP account, but there are a few steps involved, so get ready, here we go!

    (1) Open up Entourage and go to the Tools menu, and select Accounts.
    (2) Click and hold the New button, and select 'Mail' from the list of choices.
    (3) Entourage may ask you a variety of different questions depending on how much you've used it so far. Enter in the information that you like, but only the required elements are shown here.
    (4) Ensure that the top radio button is selected and enter your new email address in the available area.
    (5) Select 'IMAP' from the drop down menu and enter 'mail.geekisp.com' on the next two lines.
    (6) Enter your full email address for your account id. You can choose to omit your password and have Entourage prompt you for it. We recommend entering your password here.
    (7) You're almost there. If you were fed up with all of our security talk, you could stop here and things would work - except you'd be sending your password in the clear every time you checked or sent any mail.
    (8) Still at the account menu, highlight your new account and select 'Edit'. You'll see the properties of the account similar to my listing here. Find the little area about halfway down that says 'Click here for advanced receiving options' and check the box that says 'This IMAP service requires a secure connection'.
    (9) Similarly, find the area labeled 'Click here for advanced sending options'. Check the boxes that say 'SMTP service requires a secure connection' and 'SMTP server requires authentication'.
    (10) This step is optional - click the 'Options' tab at the top and go down to the box that says 'Root folder'. Enter 'Inbox' here, and note the capitalization. You also have the option of selecting a default signature. If you have one, go ahead and select it.
    (11) This final step is also optional - click on the 'Advanced' tab at the top. You may wish to have your settings match mine, so that you can keep sent items as well as draft messages on the IMAP server along with the rest of your mail. If these folders do not exist for you, simply click 'ok', right click on your new Inbox (under your new account), and create them. Then go back into the advanced tab and select them.
    Notes: For an unknown reason, Entourage doesn't seem to be able to verify the certificate path of the outgoing mail server. That means whenever you send mail, you'll likely get a warning from Entourage saying "Unable to establish a secure connection". This isn't exactly true. My research thus far indicates this is a bug in Entourage, and it is safe to click the 'Do not show this message again' button. This should only happen when you're sending a message. Receiving mail works properly.


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