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    Eudora Setup Instructions

    Eudora is probably the most complex mail client to setup for use with GeekISP. We support it and recognize it as an excellent piece of software, but the difficulty in setup is due to the many knobs one must turn to get it properly configured. Have no fear, if you like Eudora, our instructions should help you get it setup properly. If you have trouble, just send an email to support@geekisp.com.

    These instructions are based on Eudora version 5.1, but any 5.x series should be extremely similar. Older versions should also be similar, although the wizard that guides you through the first few bits is lacking, so you have to do it by hand.

    Having said that, let's get started! Don't be afraid by the number of steps, they're each very small!
    (1) Open up Eudora and go to the Tools menu. Select 'Personalities'. We're going to create a new personality. Right click below your 'Dominant' personality and select 'New'.
    (2) Select 'Create a brand new email account' and hit the 'Next' button.
    (3) Type a name for this personality. I chose to use 'rt@redterror.net (GeekISP)' but you can call it anything that makes sense to you. If you plan to have a bunch of email addresses, you should choose carefully so you can tell them apart.
    (4) Enter your name. This will appear on all outgoing mail.
    (5) Enter your full email address.
    (6) For your login name, enter your email address again.
    (7) For your incoming mail server, enter 'mail.geekisp.com'. Also make sure you check the 'IMAP' button.
    (8) Enter 'Inbox' in the Location Prefix line. Make sure that Inbox is properly capitalized.
    (9) Enter 'mail.geekisp.com' again in the Outgoing Server section. Ensure that 'allow authentication' is checked.
    (10) You're almost done. Hit 'Finish' to go back to the main screen. Eudora should ask for your password, go ahead and enter it. You may already have mail, or your Inbox may be empty.
    (11) Now that the account is configured, we have to turn on SSL support to keep your password safe. Select your new personality, right click on it, and go to properties.
    (12) From the drop-down menu, select "Required, STARTTLS".
    (13) Next, select the 'Incoming mail' tab. From this drop-down menu, select "Required, Alternate Port".
    (14) Click ok. You should be back at the main Eudora menu now. Close Eudora, and then open it again. You should get an error message in the bottom. That's ok, we're expecting it! Go to your newly created personality, right click, and go to properties again.
    (15) Select the 'Incoming mail' tab once again. Click the 'Last SSL Info' button on the bottom to bring up the SSL management screen. Click on the 'Certificate Information Manager' on the bottom.
    (16) Select the certificate under 'Server Certificates'. It should be called 'GTE Corporation', etc. Click the 'Add to Trusted' button on the bottom.
      That's it! You're done. Click done and ok until you're back at the main Eudora screen. Restart Eudora once more and you're all setup to send and receive mail.
      Note: Its not always obvious where Eudora puts mailboxes. Your Inbox for your new mail account is found under the Mailbox menu, then under your personality, then under Inbox, then click 'This mailbox'.


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