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    Outlook / Outlook Express Setup Instructions

    Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook Express are probably the easier mail clients to configure for use with GeekISP. There are just a few simple steps and then you're all set! If you have any questions with the setup, send an email to support@geekisp.com and we'll do our best to help.

    (1) First, go up to the Tools menu, and select the 'Accounts' submenu.
    (2) We're going to add a new mail account, so click 'Add' and select 'Mail'.
    (3) Enter your name - this will appear on all outgoing mail messages.
    (4) Enter the email address of your new account here.
    (5) Select IMAP from the drop down menu at the top. Then, enter 'mail.geekisp.com' for both Incoming and Outgoing servers.
    (6) For your account name, enter your full email address. Optionally, enter your password in the password box.
    (7) You're almost done! The account is all setup, but SSL isn't turned on. Click finish or ok until you're back at the main outlook screen.
    (8) Next find the account that you just added (its probably called 'mail.geekisp.com') and click on Properties on the right. Select the 'Servers' tab and click the 'My server requires authentication' box on the bottom.
    (9) Click the 'Advanced' tab next and check both boxes that says 'This server requires a secure connection'.
    (10) Last, click the 'IMAP' tab. Enter 'Inbox' (note capitalization) on the line for 'Root folder path:'. You may also like to set your 'Sent Items' folder to be 'Sent', so SquirrelMail and Outlook will use the same sent folder.
    (11) Some users of Office XP have reported issues with Outlook and SSL settings. Be sure to enable TLS in the "Internet Settings" control panel.
      That's it! Click ok until you're back at the main screen. Hit 'Send and Receive' and you're off!

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