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    Pine Setup Instructions

    Pine is available on GeekISP's shell server, so you can use it when logged in via SSH. Pine can be somewhat tricky to configure, but determined users will no doubt manage to get it completely hooked up.

    Details of pine configuration can be found in many places on the web, and while it is not officially supported at GeekISP, the line below will link your pine inbox with your IMAP inbox:

    folder-collections=Main {imap.geekisp.com/novalidate-cert/ssl/user=username@domainname.com}INBOX.[]
    Start up pine, and add that in for your Inbox Path under the configuration section. Be sure to substitute your email address where appropriate above.

    By default, Pine will use the local sendmail binary to process outgoing mail. This is a perfectly fine and normal way to operate, but if you'd like to use tmda-ofmipd, you will have to configure the outbound smtp server to point there.

    If you're really determined to configure pine and are having trouble, please contact support with your particular problems.

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