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    Acceptable Usage Policy

    General Rules

    The customer may use the services provided by Steinberg Computing for their intended purposes only.

    In particular, the customer is strictly prohibited from abusing these services for the storage, transfer, dispatch or distribution of illegal, obscene, threatening, insulting, slanderous or repulsive information, data or other material. In addition, it is prohibited to request or encourage others to behave in such a manner that is improper, illegal or otherwise a violation of public order and security or a violation of national or international law.

    Steinberg Computing reserves the right to remove illegal information, data or other material from its servers or services immediately and without prior notification

    The customer also agrees to abide by the following rules of behavior.

    System and Network Security

    The customer shall refrain from attempting to circumvent user authentication or security for a host, a network or an account ("hacking" and "cracking"). This includes accessing data not intended for the customer, logging into a server or an account for which the customer has not received explicit access privileges from Steinberg Computing and probing the security of the Steinberg Computing network or other network (e.g. by using nmap scan or similar tools) unless explicitly authorized by Steinberg Computing and the owner of any other network involved.

    The customer will refrain from any attempt to disrupt or cause disruption to the services provided to users, hosts and networks ("denial of service" attacks). This includes network "flooding", attempts to willfully overload services, and attempts to cause a host to crash.

    The customer will refrain from any attempt to use programs, scripts or commands or to send messages that disrupt or cause disruption over the Internet or by any other means to a user's computer session.

    Unauthorized Use of Accounts or Computers

    The customer will refrain from any attempt to use an Internet account or a computer without the owner's permission. Such attempts include "social engineering", "password cracking", scanning for security holes; denial of service attacks (ping flooding; closing packets with invalid packet sizes, UDP flooding, half-open TCP connection flooding, etc.).

    Misuse of Email

    The customer will refrain from any attempt to send e-mails to a third parties, against their express or assumed wishes.

    The customer will in particular refrain from any attempt to torment, bother or otherwise disturb another person by sending or otherwise using e-mail. This applies regardless of the form, language, frequency or size of the e-mail.

    Violations of the sort mentioned above also include the sending of unsolicited, large e-mail messages ("junk mail" or "spam") as well as the sending of commercial advertising, informational announcements, political writings, etc. The customer may send such material only to recipients who have expressly requested them.

    Violations of the sort mentioned above also include the sending of chain letters as well as "mail bombs".

    The customer will refrain from any attempt to falsify the information in e-mail headers

    The customer will also refrain from using accounts and services to collect answers to messages sent from another Internet service provider if these messages violate this acceptable use policy or the acceptable use policy of the other provider. These rules also apply other materials distributed via the Internet.

    Important note: On the public Internet electronic mail passes across numerous Internet nodes and mail servers from its source to its destination. For some mail servers privacy is not normally guaranteed. A customer wishing to completely protect his privacy should use an encryption system that makes messages unreadable to anyone who is not in possession of the corresponding key. Steinberg Computing places great value on protecting the privacy of its customers. Access to customer e-mail will only be undertaken when this is demanded by the investigating authorities based on applicable law.


    In cases of violations Steinberg Computing will immediately take all real and legal defensive actions and/or countermeasures, in particular an injunction against the culprit(s) and a claim for damages, and if required will report the infraction(s) to the appropriate law enforcement authorities.

    In addition, Steinberg Computing will give its complete support to any investigation of violations to system and network security, even in cases where they are not immediately affected, should the appropriate authorities request the cooperation of Steinberg Computing.

    ©2004-2009 Steinberg Computing. GeekISP is a service of Steinberg Computing.