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    Virtual Private Server (VPS) Pricing

    GeekISP offers Virtual Private Servers (VPS) for users who want their own private sandbox in which to work. We maintain all host servers with extra headroom, so performance stays solid over the lifetime of your VPS. We offer a choice of operating system for our VPS's - currently CentOS, Ubuntu, and OpenBSD. Other OS's are available by request.

    Every GeekISP VPS includes the following:

    • Full root access
    • 1 Dedicated IP address
    • Console access
    • Guaranteed RAM Allocations - all RAM numbers below are minimums
    • Access to GeekISP's shared hosting platform, via a Basic Domain Hosting plan (Why is this cool?).

    NameMemoryDiskBandwidthMonthly Price

    Several ala carte add-ons are also available:

    • Additional IP addresses and subnets (/24 to /30). Contact billing@geekisp.com for detailed pricing.
    • Daily incremental backups. Data is stored on-site. $15/month
    • Extra disk - 25 GB for $5/month. Contact billing@geekisp.com for volume discounts.
    • Various High-Availability (HA) configurations. Contact billing@geekisp.com for details.
    • Additional CPU cores - $20/month per core
    • Custom plans - don't see what you're looking for? Contact billing@geekisp.com and we'll work with you to find a solution.

    Why is access to GeekISP's shared hosting cool?

    Simply put - access to GeekISP's shared environment gives you choices and flexibility above and beyond what a standard VPS offers. You're not forced to manage all the services to run your site, such as email, database, and web server - instead you can focus on the pieces that really need attention. Here are some possible configurations:

    • Case 1 - Your website needs a performance boost, but you need reliable, spam-free email. Use GeekISP's email platform for an easy to use, spam-free email environment and only deploy your website onto your new VPS. This lets you utilize all of the VPS for your site, instead of bogging it down with many different tasks.
    • Case 2 - Your website performs well, but you need to maintain a very large database to power it. Use GeekISP's shared web hosting platform to run your site, but use your VPS solely for your database. With a tuned my.cnf or postgresql.conf, you can keep more of your data in RAM and boost performance. Your website is able to access your VPS via GeekISP's internal LAN, with under 10ms latency.

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