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    I. E-mail

    Email is one of the most important services a web hosting company can provide and here at GeekISP we make email a top priority.

    Whether its having choice of several easy, secure access to your mail, providing a myriad of anti-spam options, or simply having reliable service - GeekISP has the bases covered. And should you feel we're missing a key feature, we'll do our best to add it for you!

    For more information on our email services, click here.

    II. Hosting

    Web hosting is our forte at GeekISP. We try to give you flexibility to develop your site in whatever way suits you best. Providing reliable web hosting plans that are competitive with today's marketplace is our goal and we believe we've achieved it! We make it a point to provide all sorts of tools, programs, and extras to let you produce the slickest site around.

    With us, you can make your site in plain HTML, PHP, Perl, Python, or just about any other language around. We've got all the languages available that we could think of, but as always, if we're missing anything we'd be happy to add it for you.

    When we designed our plans, we strove to stay ahead of the rest of the market in terms of the amount of disk space and bandwidth we provide. If you find a better offer out there, let us know - we'll do our best to beat it!

    III. Database

    Every site on the Internet needs to keep their home page fresh with new content at different times. For the most advanced control over fresh news, sophisticated information organization, and centralized management you'll probably want to hook into one of our databases. At GeekISP, we don't force you to use a particular database server - we do our best to provide you with options. You have the choice of using MySQL or PostgreSQL, two of the Open Source community's finest examples of quality software. But why choose? If the plan you choose allows you to have more than one database, you can use both!

    If you're concerned with database performance, you can be confident that our databases are on fast, reliable machines optimally tuned for these tasks. These machines are also separated from our web servers for security and performance reasons.

    For more information, check out our plans and our available software.

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