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    GeekISP is 100% committed to fighting spam and spammers on the Internet. Spam not only clutters our inboxes, it wastes our time and consumes our computers resources. Unlike traditional mail advertisements, spam places a part of the cost of advertisement on the receiver by forcing the person to download the mail. Unwanted email ends up sitting on our hard disks waiting to be deleted, instead of getting sent back to the spammers who sent it. If all the spam that is distributed were to be rejected, the spammers would be overloaded. There would be no way for them to handle the influx of messages.

    Disturbed by the quantity of spam prevalent and eager to affect change, we at GeekISP have made fighting spam one of our paramount goals. Presently we employ several traditional methods of spam blocking: black hole lists (rblsmtpd), and known spam databases (vipul's razor). We also offer, at your discretion, TMDA - an aggressive whitelist centric strategy that promises to stop spam cold by requiring unknown correspondents to confirm their identity. The sender of the message is simply asked to reply and indicate that they are a sentient being before the original message is allowed through. Since spammers cannot handle the quantity of replies to the messages they send, they never reply, and spam never gets through.

    Our other assorted anti-spam tools help to chip away at the problem. Tools such as rblsmtpd, razor-check, and SpamAssassin employ techniques ranging from consulting known spam databases to straining spam through a Bayesian sieve. Each step of the process adds more granularity and better spam identification.

    All of these strategies ultimately force the burden of spam onto us, the mail service provider, and our customers. However, OpenBSD's new 'spamd' allows us to turn the tables! Spamd consults a list of known spammers and refuses to accept the messages they send. It refuses in such a way that they will try again at a later time, even though they will always be rejected. In this manner, the original piece of spam sits on their servers, not ours, and their server wastes its time trying to send it over and over, in futility. Just one small contribution to the fight against spam.

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