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    GeekISP is a place where customer service is priority #1 - all the time. We've met some great folks along the way who appreciate what it means to be customer-oriented, and they've rewarded us with some lavish praise. Here are a few selected excerpts made via private email or posted in public forums.

    This message was posted on the NYCBUG talk mailing list, in regards to a question about shared hosting companies:

    * Kevin Reiter <tux@penguinnetwerx.net> [2005-01-24 21:14:29 -0500]:

    I'm a reseller for a large hosting provider, and I had some special needs that they weren't capable of providing for me, which prompted me to look elsewhere for my own needs. Dave had the DNS records changed as soon as I signed up, and my domain was down for about 5 minutes.

    I have shell access, and any "special" requests are handled immediately with Dave, whereas any questions I had about service X would require me to open a support ticket and wait for 24 hours before receiving a vanilla response from a 1st-tier tech support weenie who doesn't have the first clue about what I'm asking. For my business customers who need "regular" hosting, I resell that service - any of my clients needing anything outside the norm I open an account with Dave @ GeekISP and have it done professional.

    Hope that answers your question :)

    A new customer, Noah, was so astounded by the spam protection offered at GeekISP that he exclaimed:

    BTW: Just from your default settings alone I've gone from 200 spams a day to a paltry 5 so far. I bless you and your entire venture.

    Simon Harris of RedHill Consulting has been a GeekISP customer since February of 2003. He was kind enough to act as a reference for GeekISP to some folks who wanted a customer's perspective. He offered this remark:

    I've been using GeekISP for a number of years now and I've been very happy with the level of service. We use email, web hosting, CVS (now SVN), ftp, ssh, etc.

    Dave has always been extremely helpful in setting up new services as we have required them and certainly if there has ever been a problem such as the very occasional interruption of service he has been on to it immediately. The fact that GeekISP backs up all our data adds yet another level of comfort.

    I can certainly recommend GeekISP.

    Steve Midgley was originally referred to GeekISP by Simon Harris, and he praised our spam fighting effectiveness:

    I took a look in my spam folder and for the month of May, I've had 8 spam messages and 2 false positives. Previous 3 week time spans generally have 400-500 messages for me. So that grey-listing system you're using seems to be a pretty powerful solution for the really heinous/abusive spam. Now we just have to be careful no one else finds out about it! [wink]

    Thanks - you've given me my email account back.

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